Posted in Crisis


My relationship is in crisis and close to breakdown

Relationship counselling for making a fresh start together.

“I feel it may soon be over, but I don’t want it to be and I’m scared. I’m anxious and depressed and don’t know where to turn. We don’t talk any more, and I suspect my partner may be having an affair. I need urgent relationship advice. Please help to save my marriage!”

Affairs, arguments, money problems, misunderstandings, jealousy … all of these can lead to a relationship in crisis. If you’re feeling helpless and frustrated, relationship therapy at Marlborough House offers you a solution that works. Our structured programme of positive coaching steps will relieve you of your anxiety and depression, and set you firmly on the path to renewed happiness. You and your partner will go away feeling a fresh sense of hope, and a shared desire to live happy, loving lives together again. Through professional relationship guidance you’ll learn how to:

* stop feeling that you’re a victim

* start to think positively about yourself and regain confidence and control

* learn the true reasons for your relationship problems

* banish damaging blame and rid yourself of fear

* improve communication and mutual understanding between you and your partner

* avoid arguments and manage conflict

* discover the differences between the sexes that cause marriage and relationship problems

* understand your own needs, and learn the differing roles that you and your partner need to play in your relationship

With professional relationship help and a range of powerful techniques that you and your partner can use at home, you’ll be well on the way to building lasting trust and a fresh, solid foundation.

To find out how we could help you please don’t hesitate to call us on 01823 272227 or for your free initial assessment use our Contact Us page.