Relationship Counselling for Individuals

Are you tired of struggling with the same frustrations – feeling like there has to be more than this? You try to be more positive, enjoy your life, and not worry about the future but it’s not working. Therapy and relationship Coaching can provide you with emotional freedom and a renewed pleasure in life. You don’t have to settle anymore.

Are you starting to lose hope that you will ever find your ideal partner? You feel like you only attract the men and women you don’t want and the ones you like, always seem to leave. You’re tired of going on endless dates that go nowhere, having the same first date conversations over and over again. Or maybe you’re so tired of the disappointment of the dating scene that you’re not even going on dates anymore. 

Or, perhaps you are in a relationship and wondering if you should stay or leave. You love your partner but you know your dynamic is unhealthy and maybe even toxic. 

Or maybe you are in a relationship with someone you consider to be healthy and you’re afraid of messing things up. You want to just relax and be happy but you feel so anxious and worried about the relationship all the time.

Or maybe you’ve been the non-committal type for years and finally want to settle down but you’re finding it really difficult to find someone that keeps your interest. You start off liking someone a ton, and you think you’ve found the one but, your feelings eventually fade and you start to feel suffocated. You want a long term relationship but you’re starting to wonder if maybe you’re just not built for it.

Or maybe you’re in a relationship that you know needs help but you are the only one willing to come to therapy. 


Can You Relate To These?

I’ve been hurt in love before, so I avoid taking risks and putting myself out there emotionally.

I recently experienced a bad break up or divorce and I need some help getting back on track.

I’m lonely and don’t think I’ll ever find a ‘good enough’ relationship.

I feel frustrated that I keep making the same relationship mistakes over and over again, but I don’t know how to stop.

I feel scared and distrustful whenever I get close to someone, so I pull away and keep my distance.

I’m burned out from modern dating but I don’t know what else to do to find the relationship I want.

lack the confidence to be open and vulnerable and express myself fully.

I’m confused about whether I should stay in my relationship or leave.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m crazy or if my partner is the crazy one.

Relationship counselling can help – no matter what your sexual orientation, marital status or background whether you want to attend by yourself or alongside a partner. Some clients need to work through a specific issue, whillst others may want to improve an ongoing relationship.

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